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PrimeCare Home Solutions
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 48 reviews
 by Jim M.
Impressed with expertise

I want to express my thanks to Bill & Gina at PrimeCare Home Solutions for all the guidance and help they provided our family. We needed to get our parents, who are 93 & 95 years old, some much needed help around the house . I called and interviewed several places in Peoria, and I decided to go with PrimeCare Home Solutions. Bill really impressed us with his expertise on finding the right Caregiver for my parents. He sat with us and went over what he thought would be the best course of care for Mom & Dad. Then, Gina would schedule the times needed. They have the nicest caregivers that made my parents very comfortable. They were very flexible in scheduling the caregivers. My parents have just gone into an assisted living facility. They really needed to get out of their big house, and get into a smaller living space for their benefit. I would still be using PrimeCare Home Solutions if they were able to stay home. I would highly recommend this company.

 by Donna
Treated with respect and dignity

Prime is outstanding … the caregivers treated my dad with respect and dignity… the ladies were kind and compassionate. If someone you love needs caregiving do not hesitate to contact them.

 by R Kman
Mom looks forward to the visits

Although my mom was reluctant at first to have anyone helping her, she now looks forward to it. She really likes her helper, Autumn, and enjoys her visits. Autumn is very thoughtful and patient and great to work with--flexible and attuned to my mom’s needs. We really appreciate Autumn’s caring and gentle nature.

 by Kathy Louden
Caring and on Time

Caregivers are caring and on time. PrimeCare is flexible when we need to change our schedule. Would recommend.

 by Cynthia Devlin
A Good Team

We've been very appreciative of PrimeCare's professional and caring services to our family. In particular, we've appreciated the care provided by Sharon who assists my elderly mother during these challenging months. You are a good team, Sharon, Bill and Gina. Thanks much.

 by VS
Unmatched Personal Touch

I hired PrimeCare after being mother's sole part-time caregiver for nearly 13 years, hoping to get assistance with some basic caregiving duties as well as provide my mother with much-needed companionship. Mom agreed to twice a week, 3 hours a day, and to allow her caregivers to provide an open ear to discuss all things, medical transportation, and an occasional shopping trip. She quickly bonded with each of them. I am grateful for the time and care her caregivers provided. They each enriched her life, while also taking some pressure off me, providing most of the transportation for many medical trips during the 11 months we had their assistance.

Bill and Gina provide their clients with an unmatched personal touch. They are both very responsive, they listen, follow-up and follow through, communicate well and are professional but also real/down-to-earth. They seem to enjoy what they do, as they provide much-needed help and support that families and their loved ones need. I would absolutely consider hiring PrimeCare for future needs!

 by Teri S.
They Truly Do Care

I don’t typically do reviews however, I must share the wonderful care my Mom received from PrimeCare. The caregivers (Josie and Jennifer), both gave my Mom their hearts during her last month before passing. Not only did they give her the best care imaginable, they gave her the love and kindness she so deserved.

Without their help, I truly could not imagine how we would have gotten through losing my Mom. Not only did they comfort her, they had so much kindness with our family and became a part of us. I will be eternally grateful!! If you need help with your loved one, I urge you to reach out and call PrimeCare. They truly do Care!!!

 by Evelyn Evans
Receiving Excellent Care!

I am a 95-year old client who has been using PrimeCare for over a year. I prefer to stay in my own home as long as I can, and with the excellent care I receive from my care-givers, I am happy to still be here. On the two days a week that I have help my "angel" arrives to help with my shower, and then she is busy doing my little housekeeping duties. (changing sheets, doing laundry, removing trash, etc.). She drives me in my car to doctor appointments, the library and the grocery store. We have become beyond client/helper - I have two loving and caring aides, for whom I am grateful. Oh, yes! Bill and Gina are always there to answer questions and work out solutions. Thank to you all!

 by Christine W.
They really care and listen

Prime Care Solutions is an excellent choice if you are in need of in-home care for your loved one. The care that Bill, Gina, Gene and Amanda have shown my parents has been outstanding. From scheduling to making sure that my parents needs are met has been just wonderful. The most important part for me has been that they really care and listen to each individuals needs and meet them. Gene and Amanda have taken excellent care of my parents and that has brought me much comfort.

 by Tim and Laura
Great Peace of Mind

I’m so glad we heard about PrimeCare Solutions when we found ourselves in urgent need of in-home care. After an extended hospital stay my mom was very weak and unable to care for herself. Bill and Gina from PrimeCare came out and met with my mom and me to get to know her and explain exactly what the process would be. They found a wonderful caregiver in Alize and provided me with updates on how my mom was doing, making sure she was showered and doing her exercises, eating, etc. They were also very flexible with some last-minute schedule changes. It provided great peace of mind knowing my mom was being taken care of with love and compassion.

 by David T.
I give them a 12 out of 10!

We were introduced about 3+ years ago to Bill and his team of unbelievable caring professionals. They care of my father with love and concern a daughter or sister would be doing for another. They were there with hospice of the Valley and did a great job. Well fast forward to May 2021 and we needed the company and his services again. Now he’s caring for my mom started with longer hours and taper down but everyone who has graced her doorway has been caring kind professional knowledgeable and has put my self and my two brothers a tremendous ease. See we are all scattered across the country and Prime care and their caregivers are a connection. We are not able to be there every week only every couple months. The care and comfort that’s provided my mother is unquestionably some of the best. We are lucky to have found an agency which such a patient base directive. Thank you to all involved and if I would rate this agency I give them a 12 out of 10.

 by Tamara Helbult
Peace of mind during a time of chaos

Bill and the whole team at PrimeCare were not only able to give us help but also peace of mind during a time of chaos. I would highly recommend their services if you are in need of a caregiver for yourself or a loved one. On short notice they guided us through the process and arranged kind, capable and qualified caregivers. They were very flexible with our frequently changing schedule and helped provide care at all hours of the day and night. It was a huge relief for us to know our parents were being taken care of by compassionate and dependable people when we were not able to be there ourselves.

 by Nick
Exceeded expectations

This was the first time I have used an in-home care service. My mother had several health issues, and you could argue she should have been in a nursing home. The goal was to allow my mom the dignity of staying home. Caring for my mother had daily challenges and she resented losing her independence. The care providers stayed committed to her needs and she was able to stay home. My mom has since passed away, but I am grateful to everyone that cared for my mom allowed her to remain home.

 by Stephanee
Extremely responsive to my needs

PrimeCare was extremely responsive to my needs. They were able to set up service quickly. I appreciated that each new care giver was introduced by Bill or Gina before the care giver came to the house. The staff was empathetic and easy to work with.

They would also help with meals, light cleaning and washing. Most important, they were wonderful when working with my Stepfather. They were also very reliable and dependable ; I could count on them to arrive on time. They kept good notes for each other so things moved seamlessly from one shift to the next. It was very nice that Bill, the owner, would stop by occasionally to see how things were going and talk to my Stepfather. All in all, PrimeCare Home Solutions provided great service at a difficult time. I would highly recommend them.

 by Joyce Kruse
My experience

This was the first time I have used a service like this and first time impressions were great -- I had full confidence in this company and their staff. PRIME CARE really tells it like it is --- thanks so much.

 by Lynn from Maine
Compassionate, Skilled,and Responsive Caregivers

In the fall of 2019, it became apparent that my 95-year-old aunt needed in-home personal care assistance that her housemate and older sister, my mother, could no longer provide. After doing research we decided to refer my aunt to PrimeCare Home Solutions. A plan of care tailored to my aunt’s needs was developed and put into place with staff supervisor, Gina. and adapted as needed/requested. Soon the home care staffing time had increased from two to seven days a week, targeting such areas as personal care, therapeutic exercises, mobility and light housekeeping. This home care was provided by two trained, experienced caregivers, Alize and Angela, in consultation with supervisor Autumn. Their warm, respectful and upbeat assistance with my aunt also alleviated the stress on my mother, resulting in a more relaxed household. It became clear that my aunt and mother viewed both staff members with great affection and looked forward to their next shifts. When a nighttime fall resulted in my aunt fracturing three ribs and necessitating a rehab stay, Alize, Angela and several others were quickly mobilized so that upon her return home they provided much-needed nearly round-the-clock staffing, thus supplying the safety net needed by my aunt to remain in her own home. What a feeling of relief for my family to know that the PrimeCare agency is there to support my aunt with skill, compassion and caring no matter what the need! We are extremely pleased with PrimeCare Home Solutions services and highly recommend this agency to others needing home-based care.

 by Michael Hartman
They truly care about their work

PrimeCare Home Solutions has been entrusted with the home health care of my grandmother since May of 2019. The company has been flexible and responsive to our needs to the point where the caregivers have become like extended family members. I am extremely happy with the compassionate care my grandmother receives and would highly recommend PrimeCare Home Solutions. The management truly cares for their clients, as well as the qualified staff they employ. They continually monitor for quality care and consistently contact me with updates whenever necessary. I appreciate people who truly care about their work, especially when it involves the people you love. I am extremely pleased and look forward to many more years of compassionate care to come.

 by Tanya
Couldn't be happier with my mother's care!

PrimeCare Home Solutions was a referral from a neighbor and I can’t be happier with the care for my mother. They are responsive, caring and extremely patient with all my expectations!! My mom loved the caregivers she had during the time we used PrimeCare services. Highly recommended if you are looking for a professional, well- run home care service.

 by Leigh
Wonderful caregivers

We brought in Prime Care to give my sister some quality time with someone. She was unable to communicate, or get around on her own. She was living in a memory care facility, however they just didn’t have the time to give her. Prime Care had two wonderful care givers visit with her 3 time a week for 3 hours each visit. They sang with her walked with her and basically gave her the love she so desperately needed and deserved during the course of this awful disease. She has since passed, but Prime Care (staff, everyone involved) helped make her time here on earth memorable. I highly recommend them and would use them again (but truly hope I never have to!).

 by Jimmie Hanson
Competent, proficient, and professional

After just spending my first full fall/winter in AZ, I must say that the weather, while better than MN, was a bit disappointing. HOWEVER, the care I received from Lisa, Aislyn, Autumn and Destiny… all through PrimeCare Home Solutions… was exceptional. Knowing that these women knew their jobs and were very competent, proficient, professional and respectful in carrying out their duties, I always felt comfortable and safe when receiving cares. When we return to AZ next fall/winter I am hopeful that the weather will be better and that Lisa, Aislyn, Autumn and Destiny will, once again, be available as my care providers. Bill, as the owner and Gina, as the office manager/staffing coordinator, of PrimeCare Home Solutions, operate a top-notch agency. All involved earn a 5 star rating and my 5 star thanks.

 by Carolyn
What a happy experience!

After a disastrous experience with another service, we found Prime Care Home Solutions on What a happy experience! Gina and Bill have been out several times to introduce caregivers before they ever start in our home, or just to visit to see how things are going. Besides being very friendly, they both are sincerely dedicated to getting us professional, reliable, and personalized care. We started with a few days a week, moved on to over night care, and now have 24 hour, seven days a week care. All of the caregivers are extremely competent, but more importantly are concerned with our happiness and well being. The care encompasses the whole family. They arrive and leave with smiles and hugs. They go out of their way to make sure we are comfortable sharing our home with them. They constantly come up with ideas to try to improve Dick’s health and comfort. I feel I can leave the house and not worry about his safety or well being. They have made Dick their number one priority, and he loves them for it. Actually he has told them he wants to adopt them. As many other reviewers have stated, they have become a welcome addition to our family.

 by Olshack Family
We highly recommend Prime Care for their wonderful service and compassion

Our mother was diagnosed with Stage IV Alzheimer’s over a year ago and our father was diagnosed with Parkinson’s shortly after. My sister researched many companies and we chose Prime Care and so glad we did. Bill has been very involved and helpful to meet our needs. The caregivers have been fantastic with our mother. As my mother has now fell into End Stage Alzheimer’s and our father’s Parkinson’s has dramatically escalated and no longer has the ability to help with our mother like he used to, we feel confident that they both are taken very good care of. It’s a comfort to know that we can be family and not a caregiver and are able to visit without the stress of trying to meet their daily needs. We highly recommend Prime Care for their wonderful service and compassion.

 by TLA and SAL
Kind and respectful with our father

A friend referred us to Prime Care after having inconsistent caregivers from another provider. We spoke with Bill at 1 pm and by 4 pm that same day he was in our home determining our needs. Bill was very attentive to our father and what our father wanted from a caregiver. This truly made our father feel important in his own care. With Prime Care Home Solutions, we had 2 caregivers for our father. They were kind and respectful to with our father. Both girls were always on time, ready to work, communicated daily how our father’s day went or made phone calls if they had questions or concerns. Both caregivers paid attention to the heat advisories and air quality alerts due to our father’s health issues. He truly enjoyed there company, taking time to talk, setting up the computer, turning on the news and listening to music that our father enjoyed. They provided assistance with dressing, transfers, walks in his wheelchair, medication monitoring and exercise. Gina was very efficient with scheduling, even if we were running late or had a last minute change in our work schedules. Bill, Gina, Brittany and Autumn became a part of our family. We highly recommend this company for your loved one.

 by Gladys22
Like second family

My Mother Gladys broke her shoulder in Hawaii July 2016 and was not able to function. We found Bill with PrimeCare through a mutual friend and there home aides have been helping Mother love in her own SunCity home since 2016. Its been 2 years now and they are like a second family, very catering, cook clean monitor her health very professionally. Now Mother is on hospice care bad heart she is still very happy and Prime Caregivers are helping keep Mother comfortable in her own home. I would highly recommend Prime Care Solutions as they will schedule to your own needs great care for your loved one. Thank you.


 by Graham Freeden
I would give them the highest ratings and recommendations

Following the passing of my mother, I became the primary person responsible for assisting and helping my elderly grandparents. As their health began to further degrade they could not care for themselves any longer without assistance. Living out of state, I could not provide the level of daily assistance they required. During a trip to AZ when my grandfather had gone into the hospital, I began researching caregiving companies and started interviewing a few under a tight schedule, having to return home to get back to work. On short notice, Bill made a visit to their home and after talking with him and seeing how he conducted himself, his business, and how he interacted with my grandparents, I knew he and PrimeCare Home Solutions would be the best choice. The very next day, Bill had caregivers setup and they started assisting my grandparents on a daily basis from there out. The quality of caregivers that are employed at PrimeCare are exceptional. Alicia and the other caregivers became like extended family for my grandparents and every time I spoke with them on the phone they always mentioned how great of a job and how much help the caregivers were. My grandmother even joked that they were like adopted daughters. The caregivers were very professional, knowledgeable, hard-working, and truly cared about my grandparent’s wellbeing.

The caregivers took care of all of the household chores, cleaning, cooking, shopping and running errands, taking my grandparents to doctor appointments, and assisting with personal care, etc. The caregivers were always dependable and Bill made sure that someone was available every day without fail. Scheduling changes and modifications were as easy as a phone call or text message. Even during a number of very short notice and emergency situations, PrimeCare was able to provide a caregiver to assist my grandparents in their times of need. Even going so far as with no notice, finding a caregiver (Danielle) to pick up my grandmother to be with her husband when he was rapidly declining in hospice and stayed with her while I was flying in. Danielle drove my grandmother an hour in rush hour traffic and stayed with her at the hospice facility for the whole day until I could get there. She continued to stay even after I arrived and shortly thereafter my grandfather passed away and she was present for that. She made sure that I would be ok handling and assisting my grandmother to get her back home afterwards that night before leaving. This example shows the quality, professionalism, and true caring nature of the caregiving group at PrimeCare. The caregivers allowed my grandparents to stay independent and at home as long as possible and allowed me to make sure that they were properly cared for while living far away.

My grandfather passed away and my grandmother’s condition degraded to the point where care was needed 24 hours a day so I am not able to utilize PrimeCare on a daily basis anymore. I do continue to utilize their services on occasion to help with transporting my grandmother to appointments and taking her back to her house for day-visits to try to keep her spirits up and give her a break from the care facility she is at. My experience with Bill and all of the caregivers with PrimeCare has been exceptional and would give his company and the caregivers that work there the highest ratings and recommendations, as well as my sincere appreciation for the assistance they have provided in helping me care for my family.

 by Sue and Jim Golf
Prime Care Solutions helped give our family support and peace of mind

We were so very fortunate to find Prime Care Solutions when our mother needed additional help taking care of our father. Bill worked with my mother to determine what she needed, and provide the appropriate care. Mom and Dad really liked their caregiver (Stephanie). She always had a cheerful, helpful attitude, and I know that my parents appreciated her assistance. Prime Care Solutions helped give our family support and peace of mind. We highly recommend Bill and Prime Care Solutions.

 by Callie McCamy Jurban
We are forever grateful!

The caregivers provided for my dad during a very difficult time become an extension of our family almost immediately. My parents were far from home receiving cancer treatments and his caregivers made them feel loved and cared for. We are forever grateful! Big thanks to Bill, Nelly and Autumn for all they did for us during our stay in Arizona 🙂

 by Joe Walters
Positive and caring attitudes

We went through several companies before finding PrimeCare Home Solutions. Their company takes the time needed to find caregivers that are good matches with your loved ones. Bill, the owner, genuinely cares about his clients and their families and does his best to ensure that all of his employees have the same honest and caring passion. In our situation the caregivers are there 24/7 and are like family to us. Because of their positive and caring attitudes, it is easy for me to recommend PrimeCare to other families that need care for cherished family members.

The caregivers are so very caring, considerate, and compassionate

My Mom has lived independently in her own home since my father passed away 3 years ago. After a few falls that resulted in her hospitalization and rehab recovery, it became apparent that she would need some help if she wanted to continue living at home. We were referred to PrimeCare Home Solutions and have found from the start that the staff of caregivers has been wonderful and exceeded all expectations. The caregivers are so very caring, considerate, and compassionate with my mother. Among many things that we appreciate about Mom’s caregivers is that there is hardly any turnover. The same caregivers come on a regular basis and my mother has really become very attached to them. We consider these ladies as part of our family now, something that I continue to see and appreciate whenever I am able to come from out of town to visit my mother. I would highly recommend PrimeCare Home Solutions to any family in need of care for a loved one. The level of concern, support, and genuine caring is something that is not easily found but very special indeed.

 by Afio
We received exceptional help with medical needs

My husband and I were very pleased with the care provided by PrimeCare for 10 months. We received exceptional help with medical needs plus other services and help to the entire family. I could always depend on a caregiver coming as promised and that is essential.

 by Jeff and Maryann Robertson
Our only regret is that we did not find them earlier

We were very fortunate to have found Bill and his team at Prime Solutions to help provide care for our elderly parents in the final months of their lives. After making a promise to our folks that we would keep them together in their own home as long a feasibly possible, we spent several years trying to find dependable care. This was often very challenging as we lived over 400 miles away and found it to be very difficult to find reliable, professional, and qualified help After several years of very marginal care, we were recommended to try Prime Solutions. From our first interactions with Bill and Gina, we knew that we had finally found the right company for our folks. The Prime Solution team provided wonderful care for our mom and dad in their final days on earth, treating them, and us, as if we were part of the family. Our only regret is that we did not find them earlier. Thank you!!

 by Wedian Goreel
I am so thankful to this agency and staff that made the transition so smooth

I hired this amazing In Home Care agency for my dad when we first moved to AZ from Chicago. I arranged everything with Bill who was amazing and so quick at setting everything up so smoothly given the fact that I was still in Chicago when I started the process. He was able to arrange help for my dad knowing that his flight was going to be in very late, and when my dad got home his caregiver was waiting for him and ready to clean him and put him in his bed. I am so thankful to this agency and staff that made the transition so smooth and were very professional and on top of it in case of last minute requests.. I highly recommend this agency to all my friends and family.

 by VJG50
The caregivers are very helpful, kind and patient

My husband’s mother lives in Sun City, Az. and we live in Texas. She is approaching 90 years old and has dementia, but does not want to move or go into an assisted living home. It has been difficult for us to help her as much as she needs because of the distance. We found the perfect solution with PrimeCare. At first our mother was resistant to the idea of having home care, but Bill worked with her to find the right caregivers and schedule, and now she is very happy with it. The caregivers are very helpful, kind and patient, always concerned with her well-being, plus they provide additional friendship and socializing for her. With their assistance, our mother is able to remain living independently in her own home, plus it gives us peace of mind knowing she is being cared for. Many thanks to PrimeCare. We highly recommend.

 by Lynn Toler
Both my mother and I felt we were in good hands

I was inundated by calls when I first started looking for someone to help me with my mother who had ALS. I picked Prime Care. They had a two hour minimum which was a good option.

Bill G. was a gem. He understood both the emotional and psychological side of his business. He understood what we needed. He took his time and sat with us to discuss all aspects of our circumstances so he could best meet our needs. He made my mother feel like a queen and made me feel like I had great support.

The young lady who took care of my mother was wonderful. She was capable, kind and caring. Both my mother and I felt we were in good hands in a very difficult time.

I could not recommend Prime Care more highly.

 by Ron Brescian
An incredible resource for capable & competent care givers

Bill at PrimeCare Home Solutions has been an incredible resource for capable & competent care givers for my 94 year old mother. I recently moved her from a retirement home in La Jolla, CA to Phoenix in an assisted living facility to be closer to me. This was a difficult move as everything she knew was now different.

Bill meets with his clients & their family personally, introducing himself and the caregivers that will be working with them. He and his caregivers are great communicators and I always feel I can ask questions and will be kept well informed if there are any concerns. I feel very fortunate to have found such a reliable company to provide such great care for my mother.

 by Jeff Zaruba
Truly compassionate, friendly and patient

We have been working with PrimeCare Home Solutions for many months now, as they are providing in home care for our parents living at their home in SunCity. Not only do they complete their jobs professionally, but they are truly compassionate, friendly and patient and with our folks.

I’d highly recommend their services.

 by Snowgoose
So grateful for the exemplary care and professionalism

My 91 year old father-in-law had never been hospitalized until he broke his hip this winter. He ended up with a new hip and in a rehab facility for three months. But my father-in-law’s hospitalization and hip surgery led to other health problems which hampered our goal of returning to Minnesota. His physical ailments were complicated by his dementia. At times, he became combative, confused and difficult to handle.

He and my mother-in-law are snow birds and our goal was to get them both safely back to Minnesota as soon as possible. My husband needed to get back to work in Minnesota so I (daughter-in-law) became the co- care giver for him along with my 83 year old mother-in-law. We knew this was going to be unsustainable for just the two of us with his multiple needs so we contacted PrimeCare Home Solutions. The care giver that was chosen for us was a god-send. She was compassionate, knowledgeable and very attentive to all of our needs. I would have been completely worn out without her help. It was an often tumultuous journey both physically and mentally but we finally nursed him back to a point where he could safely fly back home. I am now back home with my family and we are in the process of moving my in-laws into an assisted living care facility. Our journey is not over but we were SO grateful for the exemplary care and professionalism that PrimeCare Solutions offered us. Thank you PrimeCare for all you did for our family. We highly recommend your company for a tailor made solution to elder care!

 by Cewew
Some of the sweetest and finest professionals I have had the pleasure to meet

My wife has had multiple sclerosis for over thirty five years and is currently confined to a wheelchair. I was going to have a back operation and I figured that she would need support for about six weeks.

After interviewing two other home care companies and then talking to Bill I decided to use PrimeCare Home Solutions to help take care of my wife. I explained to him that I was her caregiver and only needed minimum support for her at certain times. He understood my wife’s requirements and provided me with a detailed plan for support. Since she only needed split times ,morning and night, seven days a week, he provided her with three caregivers. I can only say that these were some of the sweetest and finest professionals I have had the pleasure to meet. They treated my wife with loving care and sincerity. My wife looked forward to their coming. The original six weeks support requirement soon became extended because my back operation had put me in a wheelchair and I was unable to take over as caretaker again. Bill worked with us on schedules for continuing support. After fourteen weeks I was finally able to provide support for my wife but still unable to provide bathing support. Bill then again provided my wife with one of the original caregivers even though the required support was very limited.. I would definitely recommend PrimeCare Home Solutions to anyone needing support for their family. I would like to also say that all of my wife’s caregivers,Shaleka, Brooke, and Laura are top of the line personnel.

 by L3
The staff was very caring

Mom wanted to stay in her home but her mobility to care for herself was declining. She used a walker, we had grab bars installed everywhere, and an emergency alert system but I was hundreds of miles away and still concerned. After she dislocated her hip, she had it replaced and then spent a month in assisted living with rehabilitation. Then she wanted to go home – to enjoy her backyard view, read her paper and live on her own schedule. We interviewed several agencies and chose Prime Care Home Solutions. The owner did a very thorough intake interview to help match her personality with an appropriate caregiver. We started with just a few hours several times a week. After she adjusted, and as her strength declined, additional hours were added. The staff was very caring and mom both more social interaction as well as assistance. They helped her take longer walks, assisted with the showering and other activities to keep her independent as was her wish. With this help she was able to stay at home for another year before her death. I am so grateful that they were able to be there and help care for mom. With their help mom’s wish of independent living until the end was realized. Thank you.

 by Franctic in Oregon
Above and beyond in-home care

I was attempting to care for my father long distance while he was in the hospital. I had made arrangements for a rehab. facility stay following his hospitalization, and then last minute I was informed that he would be sent home and not to a rehab. facility. My father lives alone and had just had major surgery – this was not safe nor acceptable to me. I got on-line and immediately started researching various in-home care companies. I was frantic, and thought I might have to return to my dad . . .and I had only been home with my kids for 2 days . . .and then I reached Bill on the phone. He was so calm and reassuring. When he said he would personally go and pick up my father and help him get settled I couldn’t believe it. Bill wanted to make sure my father was matched up with the right caregiver, so he wanted to meet dad first. He helped dad with all the final check out and details at the hospital. He took my dad to the pharmacy for his Rx, and then he brought dad home. He made sure dad had enough fresh food in refrig., and he made sure dad understood his medications and what follow-up dad needed to do with doctors. Bill then called me on speaker phone so I could talk to him and Dad and be assured that Dad was doing good. That weekend he sent Elizabeth to Dad and he was very pleased with her . . .she even washed his windows. My brother was able to fly in after the weekend, so we didn’t need services any longer, but Bill would be the first one I would call again. It is just a relief that I have this contact now for an unexpected situations.

 by SteveSon
The perfect place for us to get personal and caring attention

PrimeCare Home Solutions has been the perfect place for us to get personal and caring attention as we made the big decision to start getting homecare for my Father. The owner Bill really listened to my needs and wants and found the perfect caregivers for him. His special needs were carefully considered and we are extremely happy with the lovely women who are now a part of our family! I highly recommend PrimeCare Home Solutions!

 by mross
Professional, intelligent, thoughtful, and responsible

I had two healthy elderly parents, 95 and 90. “ Had” being the operative word. One day my dad got sick and then my mother took sick thirty days later and before I knew it the world I knew had turned upside down. And while I don’t consider myself old you don’t have parents in their age category unless you are up there in years yourself. So at 65, in a new marriage and owning a business, I found myself thrust into a world of caring for the aged that I previously had no knowledge of.

One thing became obvious to me and that was I could get much better care for my parents if I cared for them at their home with in-house nursing staff than having them in an assisted care facility. And that’s when I first met Bill. I had narrowed my home health care provider search down to four companies and I went about interviewing them one by one. They were all personable and knowledgeable people but none of them stood out the way Bill did. We spent quite a bit of time talking and he shared a lot of personal information about his journey that led him into this business as well as his experiences caring for his own father who he had recently lost. He just struck me as a great human being, a very compassionate man. We stayed in touch over the next few months with him periodically checking in with me and staying current on my parent’s situation. To tell you the truth, by the time I met him I already felt as if our decision had been reached. He’s a man you can be friends with and a person who takes full responsibility and cares, truly cares about the people that are involved and the service he is providing.

But Bill isn’t the person caring for your loved one, his staff does that and I can honestly tell you that we are really appreciative for each and every caregiver that Bill’s provided. They are handpicked by Bill and are full-time employees. He’s taken the time to match the personality of your loved ones with the skills and abilities of the caregivers. At one point my dad was home alone being cared for only by these individuals. They got him up and fed him and kept the house clean and were honest, very honest workers, they interfaced with Hospice and kept us informed of any conditions that came up concerning my dad. And I could tell over time that they really developed an affection for my dad. He was well cared for in my mom’s absence and that gave my family tremendous piece of mind. These women are a joy to interface with and I’m very comfortable and happy with each and every one of them. I’ve heard stories where families go through dozens of caregivers before they find the “right” ones. With Bill he nailed it right out of the starting gate. The women we started with are still the same caregivers we utilize now and our family couldn’t be more pleased.

While we are still utilizing the services of Bill’s organization I can tell you that we’ve been with him long enough now to have learned that the man I thought he was at the beginning of the relationship is the same man he’s proved to be throughout this relationship: Professional, intelligent, thoughtful, responsible, caring and compassionate, he’s all those things and more!

PrimeCare really does put the HEART in the home

PrimeCare really does put the HEART in the home. You can tell when someone is doing a job to earn a paycheck and when someone is doing it because they love to do it. That is what I have felt since we started working with Bill and PrimeCare.

I look forward to our scheduled caregiver and I don’t know what I’d do without her. I just regret that I waited so long and that I didn’t start the first week my husband was released from the rehab hospital.

Thank you!!!!!

 by Judith & Al
Caring folks make it a little easier

We have used this service for one year. Our 2 caregivers are experienced. One has been with us for a year and other 6 mo. We want continuity of care from compassionate, cheerful, good communicators with great personalities.

They have adjusted to my husband’s schedule in daily living and respect his wishes. Al’s needs change from month to month and way he is cared for is reflected in how they adjust—very important. He needs to feel he is listened to about how things are done.

Bill, the owner, also listens to what our needs are and visits frequently to see how things are going. Very pleasant person and treats us like friends and not just client’s. We appreciate him and his understanding that we are on a difficult journey and caring folks make it a little easier.

 by Steve Gabrielson
A health care company we can trust

My Mom has lived independently in Sun City, AZ, for many years. In the past few years, she has had falls that have resulted in the need for significant medical intervention. My siblings and I live far from AZ, and can’t get to AZ immediately to respond to medical emergencies, or personally be present in AZ to monitor the entirety of Mom’s recoveries. Therefore, we needed to find a Home Health Care company that we could trust to provide competent and compassionate home care for her. We also needed a company that would provide regular updates on Mom’s condition. On referral from a member at Mom’s church, we retained PrimeCare Home Solutions to provide intensive home health care when Mom was released from the hospital. We have been thoroughly satisfied with PrimeCare’s services. My wife spent the last week in AZ, and told me that she wanted to pack one of the home health aides in a suitcase to provide ongoing home health care should Mom require any further medical care that takes her from AZ. Beyond this, the PrimeCare home health aides discovered additional medical concerns that had not been noticed by Mom’s medical providers, and arranged a further medical consult that confirmed PrimeCare’s concerns.

 by A.L.F
This is the only company we will ever use

I cannot say enough wonderful things about this company. The owner is dedicated in finding the perfect caregiver for your needs. He is honest and has integrity. We had tried 3 other companies before we found PrimeCare Home Solutions and none of them can hold a candle to them. The caregivers are part of our family. This is the only company we will ever use.

 by Carolyn Hughes
Can’t say enough wonderful things

I have a caregiver from this company and am very pleased with him as he is very compassionate, caring, helpful ,has a good personality and works above and beyond the call of duty. The owner is a wonderful and caring man. He works with you to choose your best needs and I just can’t say enough wonderful things about him and my caregiver!

 by Thomas Hughes
Works above and beyond the call of duty

I have had this care manager for 2 weeks now and am very pleased with him as he is very compassionate, caring, helpful, has a good personality and works above and beyond the call of duty. The owner is a wonderful and caring man . He works with you to choose the best needs and I just can’t say enough wonderful things about him and my care manager!

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